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Most Common Questions

Guidelines For Claiming Your Blog Post Bonuses
To submit a blog post for consideration as a guest post as part of the Ambassado...
Refund Policy

With the exception of my Ambassador program, most of my products come with a guarantee. If you are not 100% delighted with your purchase let me know WITHIN THE REFUND PERIOD and provide your payment receipt and I will refund 100% of your purchase.

Please note! Any abuse of my refund policy will result in you being blocked from doing business with me in the future. This can include but is not limited to:

Being abusive or aggressive in any way.
Refunding more than one purchase without a valid reason.
Disputing a payment instead of resolving it with me.
Requesting refunds after the refund period has expired.

Don't be that person who buys something, does nothing with it then asks for your money back. This is the quickest way to get yourself blocked. I am here to help, and if you genuinely need a refund and submit your request before my refund period has expired then you will be refunded in full and we can part as friends, then hopefully we can do more business together in the future.

How do I Access my Bonuses?

If you made your purchase via JVZoo and followed the instructions on our bonus page correctly, you will be able to access your bonus by taking a look at the step by step guide on the link below


If you made your purchase via ClickBank you will be able to locate your bonus here.


If you can't see your purchase or access your bonus please submit a support ticket and provide the payment receipt and details about the bonus you are claiming and we will look into it for you.

I Haven't Received My Login/Purchase Details
If you haven't received your login or purchase details, please check your spam/trash folder as often the login details email is directed there. If you cannot find it, please submit a support ticket detailing your full name (the name you used to make your purchase), the date you purchased, your payment method (Clickbank, Paypal etc.), your payment receipt ID, the payment email address. Please remember that whatever email address you used to pay via Clickbank or PayPal will be the email address your login details will be sent to. So it may be different to the email address you are checking.