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Guidelines For Claiming Your Blog Post Bonuses

To submit a blog post for consideration as a guest post as part of the Ambassador bonus, we need it to meet John's criteria.

So firstly, it needs to be around 500 words or thereabouts. Anything under 400 words will be rejected.

It needs to be shareable with support. So we recommend writing it on a google doc - then clicking the top right corner SHARE - Followed by selecting ANYONE WITH THE LINK in the drop down box that appears. - then copy the link and post it in your support ticket.

The Post itself also needs your link to be in it. Whether you opt for your Ambassador link, or a link to your bridge page, or wherever you wish the reader to be taken on clicking.

It should ALSO be formatted. IE. Include any Bolding, or italic text etc, so that it is a straight forward copy and paste for John's team to post it.

Any ** or markdown text that are present, need to be removed, so if you have used AI, be sure to read, edit, tweak and format the post. (Or it will be rejected)

John's team will usually source an image to go with the post, however, if you add your own image, we require the url of where it was sourced, in order to confirm that it is in fact Royalty Free. (Remember that this is on John's blog permanently and we can't risk using images that may be subject to copyright)

Finally in terms of advice:

While can't really advise you on what topics John's readers will be interested in. The idea of posting on John's blog - is to steal his traffic and subscribers.

By educating, entertaining, informing, engaging etc. TO DRAG THEM AWAY and onto your list by means of clicking the link because they want to see more of what you have to say.

Try not to just promote John's programs in the hope that none of John's readers have ever seen them before, As I would suspect those posts will get the least interaction and results.

By adding value, and quality in your posts, readers may then click to your lead magnet or link and be added to your list. So I would suggest that you consider the readers, and what posts would be of benefit, by helping them, you stand a better chance of helping yourself ...

... food for thought?... We hope it helps

To get more ideas, take a look at some of the posts already added and see which engage, entertain, add value, educate, and are share-worthy etc.


And remember - all posts can easily be tied in by the phrase...

Why did I show you xzy above ?

(For example, xyz could be 'A post about how to create a free eCover' - unrelated to Ambassador, however it can then be tied in by...)

Because I'm learning a lot about marketing online, and building my own affiliate marketing business, from following the free training in this webinar: (Your Link)

Hope this helps.