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Basic Guidelines For a Promotion From John

One of the KEY benefits of your partnership to success membership comes into play when you're ready for your first launch. Having John email his subscriber list and his affiliate list is in itself actually worth than the cost of the training you receive.

However - due to numerous incidents of things falling apart at the seams when things weren't tested by 'some' former students who were keen to get things going, we have had to place some strict criteria on the process to guarantee those promotions.

If you want to schedule a launch date via the Partnership to Success Program please make sure all of the tasks are completed.

#Your product must be 100% complete, must be 100% your own work that has been created by you or someone you have hired and has been approved by one of the team to John's quality standards.

Please note that while PLR material is acceptable to use in your sales funnel you must significantly change the content. Resale rights martial cannot be used for any product you sell but may be used as bonus content.

#Every single part of your sales process is working and has been tested. From opt-in pages, exit pops, to buy buttons (all of them) & membership scripts etc.

#Affiliate tracking is working.

#Your sales page is 100% complete and ready to take orders and has been reviewed by John or Randy

#Your sales funnel is working and all different buying scenarios have been tested with full payments (not just the test credit cards or $1 test sales)

If you don't have the spare accounts to test at full price do ask in the FB group for someone to do it for you and send them the cash in advance. 
(Or if needs be, submit a ticket and be ready to send the cash to one of John's team to make those test purchases for you)

#Your JV page is 100% ready and is working. And all email swipes and tools etc, are in place for affiliates to use.

#Your opt-in forms are working and fully tested

#Your membership script is working and has been tested for all levels of access

#You have completed at least 50% of your partnership to success subscription. You can’t come in, make one subscription payment then expect a promo from John.

#We need at least 30 days notice. If you tell me you have an upcoming launch in the next few days, it won't be possible to fit you in due to other commitments, plus you won't have time to prepare. So please be sure to check the launch calendar and select a suitable date that is at least 30 days into the future.

Please bear in mind that you are totally free to launch as and when you wish on your own and through your own efforts and recruit your own affiliates and John will help where he can. 

But if you want to guarantee John's support the above must all have been met and approved. This is not only YOUR online reputation at stake, but John's also - hence we will NOT confirm any dates, emails, introductions to affiliates, Facebook banners within the group etc. UNTIL everything has been checked and approved.

Remember that we can help you with all of the above and once you are good to go we will schedule a launch date.